Thursday, April 16, 2015

Author Spotlight - Amanda Bennett

Amanda Bennett is a contemporary, new adult, erotica, and suspense romance author. Amanda currently lives in Utah with her many men (her husband, two little boys, and two dogs). She is an avid San Francisco 49ers and Walking Dead fan. At a young age she developed a love for writing and story telling, and over the past ten years she has made it her passion, as she just about to release her fourteenth book. She has been fortunate enough to be a million different people in her stories and books, and is extremely grateful that she gets to do the thing that she loves the most. More than anything she loves to interact and connect with her readers. Here is where you can find her:

Amanda has books for everyone. Below is a list of them:
Time to Let Go
The Raine Series: This Love of Mine, This Trust of Mine, This Heart of Mine, This Courage of Mine
Misguided Heart
The Broken Series: Beautifully Broken, Breaking Beautiful, Unbreakable Hearts
Forever and Almost Always
The U.S. Marshal Series: Protecting Lyndley, Chasing Carson

COMING MAY 8, 2015
Simple Lies (White Lies Series 1) By Amanda Bennett
Synopsis: After meeting a tall, dark and handsome stranger one night at a bar while out with her best friend, Hadley Smith spews out one tiny white lie that would normally never affect her life, but this time is different.
Hadley has been in a three year relationship with Ryan Tate, a successful attorney who would give her the world if he could. She knows it's getting serious, and with an impending engagement on the horizon, Hadley feels on top of the world. That is...until her mysterious stranger shows up at her engagement party. Now her small harmless white lie could ultimately ruin the only good thing she has ever had. Relationships are tricky, but deciding between a life you have always wanted, and a life you wish you were brave enough to live, can prove to be unbearable.

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